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Personal trainer

for cardio training

Cardio training is great for the heart and gets your circulation going. Get on the successful and healthy path to your endurance goal with personal training. I train your condition for everyday life or the next competition.


There are many good reasons for cardio training: Maybe you're rusty from office work and your heart is pumping loudly when you climb stairs. This is normal, because the cardiovascular system also degenerates if it is not required. ​


Maybe you want to take part in the next half marathon on Zug. Or you've been dreaming of climbing your first four-thousander for a long time. Or you just want basic endurance like you had in your 20s.

Either way, personal training is the direct route to your goal: I am a trained cardio trainer and have trained many amateurs and athletes on the successful path to their goal.

I plan your training, train with you outside or inside and measure your progress.


I coach you to a healthy basic endurance up to the sporting master performance.


Offer cardio training​

  • training planning

  • training support

  • running training

  • measurement of progress

Locations for cardio training

  • at the gym

  • outside on the sports field, in the Vita Parcours etc.

  • at your home, if you have the appropriate equipment

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