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Together to
peak performance

Personal trainer

for group fitness

Fitness training in a group is just as strenuous as solo training, but all the more motivating. Do personal training with friends, your team or family. Thanks to a group-specific training program, you will achieve top performance together.

You can also achieve big goals in a small group: Personal training with several participants is just as hard-working and efficient as individual training. And the group provides an extra portion of motivation.

The only difference is that you don't have the personal trainer's full attention 100% of the time. But I challenge each team member as much as necessary so that everyone can make progress together.

And: Training in a group is simply more fun and more motivating. It is a pleasure to encourage each other to achieve top performance. I customize the training based on the needs of the group and the fitness level of each team member.

Group training is therefore equally suitable for beginners and advanced learners, even in the same group.

Group training for companies and clubs


Institutions such as companies, clubs or associations are also very welcome. There are many possibilities: for example, individual corporate health events or regular company training courses. One thing is clear: a fit team is a successful team, and that applies in sport as well as in business.

Group training offer


  • training planning scheduling (with fixed or varying time slots)

  • advice on equipment and nutrition

  • support in the areas of exercise, nutrition and regeneration

  • access routes within 30 minutes travel time in each direction

  • overtime up to a maximum of 15 minutes

Locations for group fitness


  • ​at the gym

  • outside on the sports field, in the Vita Parcours etc.

  • at your home

  • in the office, on the company premises

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