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About me


If you cheer on others,
you have to burn yourself

Pascal Schaller

Personal Trainer

Ever since I was a child, I have found a strong inner satisfaction in physical activity – both physical and mental balance. Already at the age of 7 I started to get enthusiastic about competitive sports. Whether football, tennis or contact martial arts, the pursuit of my personal performance limits and my whole body well-being began with sport.


When I was young, I discovered fitness and strength training for myself. This opened up further perspectives and opportunities for me to reach a new level of health. Physical exercise, mental focus and healthy nutrition - I had found my true passion. And at the age of 23 I made this my calling: Fitness instructor, more than 8 years in probably the most renowned fitness center in Zug.

Today I amfreelance personal trainer in Zugand happy that I can accompany, advise and motivate people like you in the realization of your personal fitness goals.

I look forward to meeting you!



  • Bachelor of Arts in Fitness Economics

  • Personal trainer

  • Fitness instructor with Swiss Federal Certificate

  • Rehab coach

  • Cardio trainer


  • Full body fitness

  • Competitive Fitness

  • Martial arts

  • Tennis

  • Football


  • German

  • English

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