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Personal training in
Zug and around

Personal training

individual & holistic

Strength training


More energy, more performance, more health

What is your goal: more fitness, more strength or a beach body? Regardless, strength training has many positive effects. It is important that you train in a healthy and efficient manner. 

Cardio training


Charge your batteries maximum up

Would you like to become more enduring, compete in a competition or have you set yourself high goals? I will support you with targeted fitness training, success measurement and more.

Group fitness


Together for maximum performance

Achieve big goals in a small group. Group fitness is not only more fun but also more motivating.

Nutritional counseling

Gemüse zum Braten

The right fuel for you


When it comes to personal training, I attach great importance to nutrition. It is the fuel that drives your physique and psyche. I will put together an individual nutrition plan for you.

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