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The right fuel 
to you

Personal trainer

for nutritional counseling

When it comes to better health, fitness and performance, nutrition plays a crucial role. It is the fuel that drives our body and our psyche. Nutritional counseling is therefore an important part of my personal training.

Diet counseling is not just about reducing body fat. A balanced diet creates the optimal basis for all active activities, be it in everyday life, at work or in sports. It supplies the body with energy in the form of nutrients and calories and has a significant impact on our physical and psychological condition.


The wrong diet can be the reason for physical complaints and a lack of drive in everyday life. But we all know it: A healthy diet can be a big challenge and is not always easy to implement in everyday life. And the big question of which foods are better than others is also a very individual question.


That's why, as a personal trainer, I attach great importance to nutritional counseling - either to accompany training such as strength or cardio training, or as independent advice. I address you and your situation, needs and goals:


  • goals: health, weight, well-being, performance

  • medical background

  • your everyday life: eating habits, preferences, cooking skills, shopping opportunities

  • your motivation to change existing habits ​

Nutritional counseling does not automatically mean giving up. It is often enough to adjust the ratio of the diet to create a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients. ​

The first step is to analyze your current eating habits. In the second step, I put together a nutrition plan based on the following criteria:

  • what are your goals?

  • what do you like, what don't you like?

  • allergies and intolerances

  • how does nutrition fit into your everyday life, job, sport etc.? ​


Finally, regular checks and meetings are the third step. After all, even the best plan is useless if you don't follow it consistently and check progress.

Nutritional counseling offer


  • nutritional analysis

  • food science

  • nutrition plan

  • measurement of progres

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