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Personal trainer

for strength training

Do you want to get fitter, slimmer or a powerhouse? Or get yourself a beach body? No matter what your goals are, strength training has many positive effects. It is important that it is done correctly. With personal training you can achieve your strength goals in a healthy and sustainable way.


Strength training strengthens muscles and burns a lot of calories. But that's not all: practical side effects of strength training are greater resilience and better performance.


And a correctly executed training prevents  complaints and is good for the health in many ways, also for a good posture.

But: The path to targeted and effective muscle building is not easy and full of pitfalls, including injuries.

I have a lot of experience in the field of strength training and support you in many ways: from a few introductory lessons to sustainable training together over a long period of time.


I put together your individual training plan, explain the exercises to you in detail, monitor the execution and measure your progress. So you have the certainty that you will reach your goals quickly, healthily and effectively.


Offer strength training

  • training advice

  • training planning

  • muscle building

Strength training locations

  • at your home

  • at the gym

  • outside on the sports field etc.

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