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Home gym service

You want to train at home in your own four walls? I advise you, plan the home gym, order the fitness equipment, set up the fitness room and put together your training plan for the workout at home.


1. Advice

Do you have space in the basement, a free room or would you like to create space at home for your own gym?

I will come to you and advise you on site, two questions are very important:

  • What are your goals?

  • And how much space do you have for the home gym?

2. Planning

During the consultation we clarify these two questions and I take the measurements for a proposal tailored to you, your goals and the space available.


3. Set up a home gym

Home fitness equipment can also be large, heavy and massive. I work with providers who deliver to the apartment and also assemble complex fitness equipment right away. 


If necessary, I set up the fitness equipment and set up the home gym at your home.

4. Introduction and training

So that you can use your new home gym optimally and train properly, I will of course give an introduction to all the equipment and exercises.

I would also be happy to put together a training plan and continue to train you, if you wish.

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